Easy Heathy Child Friendly Pancakes

Thursday, 14 May 2015

My little boy is a fussy eater and months ago I realised I could get him to eat 2 eggs and a banana for dinner in a naturally sweet disguise of a pancake.  He loves them so much and my husband and I feel great that he has gone to bed with some nutrition.

These pancakes are great for adults too.  You can make them gluten free by eliminating the flour or using gluten free flour and you can add fruit or pure maple syrup as a topping to make them refined sugar free too.

2 desert spoons of flour of your choice
1 medium size banana (use a ripe banana to make the pancakes naturally sweet)
2 eggs
Oil to cook the pancakes in the pan


  1. Mash the banana in the bowl and add the eggs and flour
  2. Using a hand held blender, combine the ingredients until smooth
  3. Pour the mixture in a jug .
  4. Heat some oil in a pan of your choice.  As it heats up, tilt the pan so the oil covers the whole surface.  The oil should just cover the pan. The heat should be low medium.
  5. Pour some of the pancake mixture in the pan.  The pancake should be about 4 inches wide and half a cm in height.  However don’t get too technical about it.
  6. Keeping the heat on a low medium temperature, allow the pancake to cook for about 1 minute or until golden brown and flip over using a spatula and cook a little less or until golden brown.
  7. Place cooked pancake on a baking rack for a minute so it doesn’t get soggy and then transfer the pancake on a plate in a low heated oven so it stays warm.
  8. Repeat the steps in pancake making and keep the pancakes warm in the oven until ready to serve which should be once the last pancake is cooked.
  9. Add a topping of your choice and serve.

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