Metallic Shoes

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

One of the greatest things I love do is wear a statement shoe and for me, metallic shoes are the new black. My love started when I saw a gold pair of brogues with fuchsia velvet ribbons for laces online. They were sold out but I started my hunt in finding a pair. On the hunt I found gold desert boots by Bronx and then I couldn't help myself with the silver ballet pumps from Boden.  Then eventually I found a gold brogue I loved at ASOS.

Metallic shoes go with just about anything and enhance the dullest outfit. When I started wearing metallics I was scared of the attention they would attract.  People would stare at them and I assumed they thought that I was over the top for wearing a gold pair of shoes to the supermarket.  But now I don't care as metallics glam up my mundane days.

Tips on wearing metallics

  • Love the idea but lack confidence? Perhaps start off with silver or a dull gold tone.  These metallic tones go with just about everything. 
  • If you are still nervous wearing metallics start off with a sandal which shows lots of your skin.
  • Don't be afraid to wear metallics during the day.
  • Dress down metallic shoes with a pair of jeans.  
  • If carrying an unusual bag with your metallic shoes, consider keeping your clothes neutral.

All my shoes are from an older season.  Here is a list of metallic footwear like mine in the current season.

Lace up flats

Kurt Geiger


Marks & Spencer
Steve Madden

Ankle Boots


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