3 Oils For Your Skin You Can Buy In Your Supermarket

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

As written in a previous post, I use mostly natural products on my hair and skin. My beauty products are often homemade concoctions or natural skin products bought from health shops.  However, when it comes to moisturising my face, I always buy what I need from my local supermarket.  Here are 3 oils you can buy from your local supermarket in the food isle for your skin and gain amazing benefits.

Almond oil

This oil is very light and suitable for normal and combination skin.  If you are exploring the use of oil as a facial moisturiser, this is a good oil to start with.  
You can use almond oil as a cleanser or make-up remover too.  Simply add 3-4 drops of oil to a cotton pad, wipe your face and then rinse and towel blot-dry your skin.  After using your favourite moisturiser put a little oil on your fingertips and apply the oil on your cheek bones and eye lids.  At night you can apply a very small amount to eyelashes (use a cotton tip or your finger) and eyebrows to encourage strength and growth. 

Coconut oil

This multipurpose oil is heavier than almond oil and great for dry skin.  The fatty acids in coconut oil are not only great for moisturising but also repairing the collagen layer and heal microbial infections. Coconut oil can be used as a lip balm and help with the process of having a cold sore. The oil contains Vitamin-E which is essential for healthy skin growth. It prevents premature ageing and wrinkling of the skin due to antioxidant properties.  

Grapeseed oil

This is my favourite oil.  I started buying grapeseed oil because it was listed as ingredient in many products I had used on my skin.  Grapeseed oil can be used for multi purposes on the skin.  It can be used as an emollient and is fabulous for managing eczema prone skin due to having linoleic acid.  I use grapeseed oil whenever my children have a bout of eczema and the oil clears their skin within days.  Grapeseed oil also contains antioxidant properties and helps delay skin ageing by minimising damage caused by free radicals. It's also anti fungal and has helped me manage athletes foot naturally.

How I use oils these oils 

Create a natural glow

I dab almond oil with my fingers on my cheeks bones, the top of my eyelids and lips to create a healthy glow. 

Foot moisturiser

To combat dryness I apply coconut oil on my feet to keep them soft.  To do the same, apply coconut oil on your feet after a bath or shower when your feet are moist by the water.  Coconut oil is especially useful on heels and can help prevent cracking. 

For children (from birth)

I have washed both of my children in Dr Bronner's Castile soap which is completely natural and moisturise them afterwards using grapeseed oil. The picture shows the containers of soap and oil I put in my hospital bag when I was pregnant with my daughter.  You can buy these small containers in commercial chemists. 

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